How To Handle a Tarantula
Posted By: Stacyh; Category: Pets; November 25, 2008
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Tarantulas can bite and have irritating hairs on their body for defense that can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Regular handling is not usually recommended and some tarantula owners never handle their pets. There are some definite rules to follow if you want to risk it.
Keep in mind that tarantulas are heavy-bodied creatures and even a short fall could cause it serious injury, like a ruptured abdomen.
Get it to floor level before attempting to take it out of its container.
Lower your hand and allow it to walk on or gently nudge its abdomen to encourage it to walk on. Always respect a spider's right to say no.
Stay calm and only handle a calm spider. You may want to keep some clothing between your skin and its hairs.
Wash up carefully and consider a clothes change after handling a tarantula. The tiny, irritating hairs on the spider could still travel into your skin or, worse, get into your eye and cause infection.
Consider consulting an expert for a handling demonstration.
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