How To House a Guinea Pig
Posted By: Stacyh; Category: Pets; November 25, 2008
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How to provide a safe and happy home for your guinea pig.
Buy a large enough cage for the guinea pig to move around with a solid bottom tray and not a wire mesh bottom. Guinea pigs have tender, furless feet which can become sore when walking on wire.
Tanks aren't ideal for g.pigs due to poor ventilation.
House your guinea pig indoors or in a fairly climate controlled area.
Provide plenty of bedding and hay on the bottom of the cage. Guinea pigs graze and poop. They are not litter box trainable and do not choose a corner for their potty. They are a lot like little rodent cows.
Use shredded paper or clean, dry hay, or another small animal bedding. Do not use cedar or pine shavings as the oils in wood shavings create respiratory problems in guinea pigs.
Make sure everything in the cage is safe for gnawing. Guinea pigs gnaw on everything to wear down their continuously growing teeth.
Provide a shallow, heavy food bowl that will not be tipped or gnawed up and a large water bottle that can hang outside the cage.
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