How To Clean Your Golf Clubs
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Do you see more dirt and grass stains rather then your club head? Or maybe your dirty golf clubs are the culprit for those slices. If so, this instruction will show you how to clean those dirty clubs up, so that they can look brand new.
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Before we can get started you will need the following to clean your golf clubs.

1. Sponge
2. Dish Washing Soap
3. Paper Towels
4. Cleaning Brush
5. Multi Surface Cleaner
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You will need to run you golf club understand your some warm water in your sink. This step will loosen up some of the dirt and grass that is stuck on the golf club.
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Next, you add some dish washing soap to the golf club head. The soap will be used to help break up the dirt and grass stains.
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Take your brush and brush lightly to brush off the dirt and grass stains on your golf club.
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You will then want to take your sponge and wash off the excess of dirt and grass stains that may still be left on your golf club.
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Rinse off your golf club head underneath some water warm in your sink.
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Dry off your golf club with a paper towel.
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Spray your golf club with your multi surface cleaner. This will give a shine to your golf club.
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Use your paper towel to shine off your golf club from the multi surface cleaner.
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You should now have a shiny golf club that looks as if you bought it brand new!
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  • posted by: Daveman584; March 28, 2009 08:52:16 PM

    Oh yes, it is time for me to take my clubs out of the basement!