How To Choose the Right Pet Health Insurance
Posted By: Stacyh; Category: Pets; November 21, 2008
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Where to start in deciding if you need pet insurance and how to make sure the coverage is going to work for you and your pets.
Consider your typical annual costs for Veterinary care for your pet(s). You will want to consider the cost of owning insurance against what you usually spend.
Ask your Veterinarian for a recommended company or plan, and ask if he/she knows clients who have the plan and are happy with the value.
Before applying, consider what you want from pet health insurance and be ready to find out:
-What is covered and what is excluded? (Some breeds are excluded for certain conditions common to that breed.)
-What are the total costs? Premium? Co-pays? Maximum coverage amounts? Deductibles?
If your Veterinarian does not have a recommendation, find a company with a good history and reputation. is the North America Pet Health Insurance Association and has member companies listed on its site.

Other pet insurance companies:
ASPCA insurance:
Consider if you are likely to use the insurance and if it is of benefit to you.
-Is your pet likely to develop illness or be injured?
-Would it be better to set money aside in your budget for pet care or pay premiums for peace of mind in the event of a major health incident?
Make your decision and then familiarize yourself with your policy.
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