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NeedInstructions’ helpful instructions will take you from beginner to pro in pretty much any sport. Here you will learn how to throw a curve ball to how to do correct sit-ups. NeedInstructions has great advice on these and many more sports and fitness topics.

How to throw a football like Joe Montana
Posted By: wndschnberg; Category: Sports & Fitness; October 21, 2008
Author GetintheGameapps; Website: Tags: throw, NFL, football;


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Here is a great step by step video that will show you how to throw a football like Joe Montana!
How To Write A Sports Bio
Posted By: CLEvans ; Category: Sports & Fitness; October 20, 2008
Author CLEvans;


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Your sports bio is one of the best self-marketing tool for yourself. A sports bio is a well written biographical outline of your sports career that will help convince your potential. It also should outline your sports career stating your accomplishments, stats, and future goals.