Small Claims Court Question/Instruction
In: Legal; Asked By: ed.f; 2010-11-06 15:06:13
Do I need a lawyer.
  • posted by: Mr. NeedInstructions; November 8, 2010 04:59:06 PM

    ed.f -

    Thank you for your request in regards to your small claims court question/instruction. Because you did provide much information I am unable to help with your request. I would suggest to do the following.

    1. Visit the following sites ( or and post your legal question. Make sure you add as much details as you can. These sites have real lawyers in which could answer any legal questions you may have.

    2. Call up a layer and ask. Most layers will speak to you for the first time in regards to your case for free. But please note they will def try to push there services on you but it does not hurt to physically talk to one.

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