Excalibur Sunscreen Popup Tent (3 person) Instructions Needed
In: Miscellaneous; Asked By: lauriemay1960; 2011-08-06 00:03:05
I need instructions to fold it. It may be a model T0005K.
  • posted by: Mr. NeedInstructions; August 10, 2011 12:18:42 AM

    Thank you for your recent request in regards to your Excalibur Sunscreen Popup Tent (3 person) Instruction. Currently we did our best to investigate where we could get the instruction but the only thing we currently turned up was the following instructions below. We are still doing out best to get the instruction for you but in the mean time we hope the instructions below can be of help. Thanks!


    These tents fold like one of those windshield shades the folds into a circle. So I would get those first to practice.

    The fold are in 2 steps.

    First, stand in front of the zippered entrance, grab both left & right rod, then imagine it is a steering wheel, then make a right turn.
    It should fold like a figure 8, then fold flat.

    2nd, is to stand on top of the plastic handle, then grap the top handle (at 12 o'clock), fold it towards you, while stepping on the plastic handle. Then twist it like the windshield shade.

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