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Having issues with your computer? Did you misplace that wireless modem manual? Here at NeedInstructions you will learn how to set up an email account, troubleshoot through your computer problems, and learn how to code your own website with html and many other programming languages.

HP Deskjet F4240 Printer Question
In: Computer, Internet & Information Technology; Asked By: brendam8; 2009-11-22 18:11:33
I have a hp deskjet f4240 all in one printer and cannot find my manual. can you please tell me how to copy something from the printer to the computer so it can be sent in an e-mail.
thank you,

In: Computer, Internet & Information Technology; Asked By: Bobistheman; 2009-09-18 17:12:56

I want to replace my keyboard on an MSI Wind U100 notebook. One of the keys broke and I found out that you have to replace the whole keyboard when it happens. Do you have instructions for this? I do not want to break it.

System EnterpriseServices Wrapper.dll Error For Toad For DB2
In: Computer, Internet & Information Technology; Asked By: All Star Adam; 2009-08-21 18:23:16
I am trying to install Toad for DB2 and I am getting a System.EnterpriseServices.Wrapper.dll error when connecting to my database. I have reinstalled Toad many times. I have also looked everywhere for help on my issue. I beleive I installed Toad correctly, I only get this issue when I try to connect to my DB2 database.
How to design a website so it opens properly in both Firefox and Internet explorer browsers?
In: Computer, Internet & Information Technology; Asked By: teresaschultz; 2009-06-25 06:49:37
I would please like step by step instructions on how to make the websites I design w3c compliant so that they will open equally well in both Internet explorer and Firefox browsers, or at least some website links to any other sites that may have some step by step instructions too. Thanks!